New Custom Home Building Opportunities in Johns Island

Excited about making your dream home in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry? Johns Island has become one of the most popular areas to buy land and build. With peaceful marshes, grand live oak trees, and a friendly community – many new community members have found Johns Island to be the perfect place to move.

As an experienced home builder, our goal has always been to contribute to the future our customers have envisioned. We want to create a personal haven designed for you.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the building opportunities in Johns Island for those looking to build in Charleston.

Why are so many people moving to Johns Island?

custom house near the river in johns island

Johns Island is a rapidly growing area near Charleston, SC. It has become a popular destination for families and retirees due to its proximity to the beach and its natural beauty. Since 2000 it’s population has grown over 100%!

Some of the reasons everybody loves Johns Island:

  • Experience the unique atmosphere of the area, just 20 minutes away but a world apart from the city of Charleston.
  • Purchase your food directly from the farmer on the very land it was grown. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Enjoy picturesque drives around the region, exploring places like Rockville and acquiring fresh shrimp directly from the trawler at Cherry Point.


  • The area is a little more remote than other parts of Charleston so there’s a short drive for any more signifcant shopping.
  • Many neighborhoods are still new and in the process of developing, lacking the mature trees or landscape found in more established areas.
  • Longer commute, especially if you work in the North Charleston area where much of the industry is concentrated, leading to potential traffic congestion points.

Perfect for those who enjoy water activities

Johns Island is a great spot for water lovers, with easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, Stono River, and Kiawah River. Whether you enjoy boating, kayaking, fishing, or just chilling at the beach, Johns Island has it all.

If you have kids or want some fun, check out Trophy Lakes for their cool aqua park or take a paddleboard or kayak class. While you can’t swim casually there, the ocean is a short drive away.

You can also park your boat at one of the storage spots or keep your jet ski in the garage for quick access. No matter what you choose, you’re in for a good time on the lake, river, or in the ocean while you’re on Johns Island.

Ideal for hikers and golfers alike

If water activities aren’t your thing, Johns Island offers plenty of other entertainment options that don’t require swimsuits but still capture that sought-after island vibe.

For golf enthusiasts, practice your short or long game at one of Johns Island’s many courses and secure your tee time while visiting. Enjoy stunning ocean or lake views from most courses, making your time on the green a truly surreal experience.

Nature lovers are in luck with over 30 miles of hiking trails on the island. Put on your hiking boots, grab water bottles and sunscreen, and explore all that living on Johns Island has to offer. While on the trails, you might even catch glimpses of some of the many bird species that call Johns Island home, including bald eagles, hawks, owls, and herons.

Restaurant and shopping variety

If you’re more into air conditioning and indoor fun, Johns Island has got you covered. Take your pick from a variety of locally owned and operated restaurants, or visit a farm-to-table spot like Wild Olive to fuel up before a day of shopping at one of the shopping centers.

In the past few years, Johns Island has experienced a significant increase in new restaurants and unique stores, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This not only makes it an excellent destination for your second home but also indicates the growing popularity of the area.

Whether your new property is for vacations, rental, or investment purposes, the promising development in the area is something you shouldn’t overlook.

Coastal dreams come true

As you begin your tour, you’ll quickly notice the distinctive style of homes for sale in Johns Island, showcasing why the area is a classic movie filming location. Noteworthy films like The Notebook, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, and Die Hard with a Vengeance were all shot in and around Charleston and Johns Island.

With its stunning colors and coastal influences, Johns Island blends the charm of Charleston with a small-town feel, offering a one-of-a-kind living experience. This picturesque setting is sure to serve as a beautiful backdrop for anyone looking to relax and unwind on vacation.

Building a Custom Home in Johns Island is a Great Opportunity

river near johns island

After exploring the wonderful homes on Johns Island, if you’re seeking something more personalized, think about buying land. Johns Island is quite large, around 84 square miles, making it the largest island in South Carolina and the fourth largest on the East Coast.

If the existing homes don’t quite match what you’re looking for, owning your own land provides the flexibility to create your perfect home. When it’s time to build, Oak Angel Builders, a skilled custom home building general contractor, can help bring your dream home to life on Johns Island.

We understand the details of finding the right spot and turning your vision into a reality.

Choosing Johns Island for your unique home isn’t just about having good taste; it’s also a clever move for your money.

Homes Are in Demand

Thinking about getting a house in Johns Island is smart because the house prices there have gone up dramatically and are not slowing down. In 2019, the typical house cost was around $323,797, but by December 2023, it went up a bunch to about $529,697.

This is good news if you’re thinking about buying a house there because it means your home could become more valuable over time.

Johns Island is not just a good investment; it’s also a nice place with beautiful nature and a cool vibe. It’s worth considering if you want a good deal in real estate.

Is a Custom Home Worth the Investment?

When contemplating the construction of a new home, individuals often weigh the options of purchasing an existing home or a spec home that is already in progress.

However, opting to build a custom home presents numerous advantages that position it as a compelling investment for your future.

Here are a few reasons why building a custom home is worth the investment:

  • Tailored to Your Lifestyle: A custom home offers the perfect fit for your lifestyle. You can design a home that meets your specific needs, from layout to features, making it especially advantageous for families with unique requirements.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Building a custom home allows the integration of energy-efficient features like high-performance windows, efficient HVAC systems, and solar panels. These choices contribute to long-term savings on energy costs.
  • Superior Investment Value: Opting for a custom home can prove to be a superior investment compared to purchasing an existing home. New constructions often maintain their value better over time, creating a lasting asset.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: New homes typically boast higher energy efficiency and require less maintenance than older homes, translating to long-term cost savings.
  • Design Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to design your home according to your lifestyle and taste. Choose the floor plan, materials, and finishes that align with your preferences, including the option to incorporate a versatile granny flat for additional living space or rental income potential.
  • Future-Proof Design: A custom home allows you to design a residence that meets your needs for the long term. Whether incorporating accessibility features or cutting-edge technologies, you can ensure your home remains suitable as you age.

Contact Oak Angel Builders to build your Dream Home in Johns Island!

a serene johns island landscape with a newly constructed luxury home amid lush greenery, reflecting the unique, custom elegance promised by oak angel builders.

Ready to make your dream home in Johns Island a reality? Contact Oak Angel Builders, where your unique style is the guide to excellence. Together, we’ll create a custom home that truly reflects you.

Don’t settle for just any place for your important investment. Work with a builder who believes your home should be as special as you are. Oak Angel Builders is ready to bring your dream home to life.

In the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry, your vision of a stylish and comfy home can come true with Oak Angel Builders. We’re here to help you achieve a perfect mix of luxury and personal touch, creating a home that’s uniquely yours.

Connect with us to start the exciting journey of building your custom haven in Johns Island. With a track record of happy customers and a collection of top-notch homes, Oak Angel Builders is the top choice for those looking for a truly special living experience.

Frequently Ask Questions

Johns Island is renowned for its natural beauty, friendly community, and proximity to Charleston. The peaceful marshes, grand live oak trees, and the welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal setting for a custom home. Additionally, being close to Charleston allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds – the tranquility of the island and the vibrant excitement of the city.

Oak Angel Builders an experience general contractor is committed to turning your vision into reality. Clients have the freedom to collaborate with architects in tailoring a floor plan that aligns with their lifestyle.

From selecting materials and designing interior spaces to debating over color palettes, every decision is made with the client to create a home that is uniquely theirs.

Custom-built homes often incorporate the latest energy-efficient technologies and sustainable building practices. From advanced insulation to energy-efficient appliances, these features contribute to a greener home and long-term cost savings.

Custom-built homes typically have higher resale values compared to generic options. The attention to detail, quality construction, and personalized features make them attractive to prospective buyers, positioning them as a smart investment in the real estate market.

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