Unleashing the Potential: Space-Saving Features in Granny Flat Designs

spacious granny flat designs

A new granny flat can be a great way to keep family close but in a separate living space to your own. These mini-homes, also called accessory dwelling units (ADUs), are becoming popular for their many uses – extra space, rental income, you name it! But there’s more to granny flats than just being extra rooms. It’s about making […]

Exploring Charleston’s Architectural History in Home Customization

architectural home in charleston

South Carolina is steeped in rich history, distinctive architecture, and scenic beaches and islands. It is a gem in the South. Thanks to our rich history there are certain architectural features that have made our region unique. Locals love the unique features of our city and many of the unique Charleston architectural features are requested on custom […]

Getting the Right Inspiration for Your Custom Home Design

man building prototype to have inspiration for custom home

Designing your dream home is a big task, but it’s also an amazing chance to make a home that’s just right for you. It’s an opportunity to match your needs, style, and everything you’ve always wished for in a home. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you begin the journey of designing your […]

Essential Budget Planning Advice for Custom Home Builders

architects budget planning for home construction

Building your dream home is exciting, but managing finances can be a challenge. There are too many stories of projects going way past the targeted budget because of lazy planning, and the last thing we ever want our clinets to feel is surprised when the project reaches the final bill. From buying land to the […]

Building a Custom Home: An Overview of the Process for Homeowners by Home Builders

man in construction of custom home in charleston south carolina

Building a custom home is an adventure that brings a host of benefits, allowing you to craft a living space tailored exactly how you dreamed it. Throughout the custom build process, you and your family should enjoy the process of creating a home meticulously designed to meet your specific needs and desires. Oak Angel Builders, […]